Adding chat software to your website creates a new communication channel for you to assist customers. We offer this technology to both small and large businesses, and have multiple plans to choose from, each with more sophisticated features and reporting capabilities than the last.  

If your website visitors are primarily potential customers searching for information about your products, consider chat software with co-browsing tools so your agents can guide your customers directly to the products they're looking for. If your customers come to your site for complex technical assistance, chat software that allows them to grant your agents remote desktop access can make it easier and faster to fix problems. Or, if they use your website to consult advisors on sensitive matters such as health, legal or financial issues, look for software that has robust security protocols and allows your customer to switch from text chat to audio or video chat.  

Whether you need a basic or advanced solution, we want to help you choose and integrate the best live chat software for your business. InfoGenic Technologies have the top recommended different types of chat software. Contact us today for pricing information and tips, plus our advice for additional features you may need in your chat platform.



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