InfoGenic Technologies drives in enterprise-class capabilities to the eCommerce businesses with the eCommerce cloud solutions. We have customized the solutions to offer highly personalized and enriched brand experience to the end users, thus offering customer satisfaction. With our expert solutions, we have redefined the way people interact with eCommerce businesses.

When we say Cloud, it refers to the proprietary technology that is used to host your files and enhance accessibility and collaboration within enterprises. The cloud is a virtual space that connects users from across the globe. Applications that run on the cloud are more capable, highly flexible and scalable in nature. How does the cloud work? The computers are generally set to work in a collaborative mode so that it seems that they are running as a single machine. It is a virtual network that allows accessibility even in the remote surroundings.

Cloud in eCommerce

When two powerful technologies collaborate, they scale your business and increase its potential. Cloud technology supports growth in eCommerce and makes it more scalable and flexible, offering enhanced brand experiences.

We combine cloud with eCommerce to enable retailers to get access to unprecedented real-time data, which can be converted to user insights for personalized offering and better conversions. The end goal of a retailer is to maximize profits, and that’s what cloud computing combined with eCommerce allows you to gain.

InfoGenic Technologies supports omni-channel retail and aims to offer a seamless experience to the brand users, thus ensuring retention and loyalty of the brand’s customers.

We combine eCommerce with cloud solutions to offer a seamless experience across the different channels, embracing virtual IT infrastructure, and partnering with large scale eCommerce cloud hosting providers to benefit your company.

InfoGenic’s eCommerce cloud architecture can be leveraged to develop, deploy and manage scalable solutions for eCommerce. We securely connect your backend infrastructure to the cloud for enhanced performance and personalized experience.




Our Business Strategy

Our business consulting services are led by functional and industry experts for each domain that we operate in. These professionals help clients in achieving accelerated growth by making correct decisions with respect to formulating business strategy and managing productivity enhancement drive.

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About InfoGenic

We are a global provider of IT consulting and Enterprise Solutions catering to various technology platforms across diverse industry domains worldwide from eLearning, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, energy & utilities, travel, transportation & hospitality.

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